The institutional investment industry has undergone substantial changes since the 2007 – 2008 financial crises. Limited partners have seen a rise in their influence with general partners and regulators have increased the level of oversight and pushed for greater transparency of fund reporting. Responding to these industry changes requires a heightened need to implement a robust fund governance framework of which a key topic is valuation.

Investors, regulators and fund managers are all very sensitive to valuation of a fund’s assets and as such, valuation policy is a critical part of a fund’s governance framework. Having clear and consistent valuations and valuation process is not only expected by investors but is virtually mandated by regulators.

QueensGate assists funds in a number of ways with the topic of fund governance. We can enhance the rigor of governance at a fund through:

  • Valuation policy review and/or design
  • Independent fair value assessment of fund investments
  • Serving as an independent member of the valuation committee